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Amra Nor Jenkins: Age, Biography, Relationship, Wife, Dating, Ethnicity, Height, Net Worth & Facts

Amra Nor Jenkins was born on February 27, 2014, to Jay Wayne Jenkins and Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin. Her birthplace is unknown, however, reports suggest the US. Her father’s association with music business professional Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin led to her birth. The current grade level of Amra is unknown due to a lack of public schooling information.

Who is Amra Nor Jenkins?

Fashion influencer and entrepreneur Amra Nor Jenkins is well-known. Her Instagram account (@amranor) shares fashion and lifestyle tips, making her famous. Amra moved from Sweden to Los Angeles for fashion. Collaborations with top brands and designers have solidified her fashion industry status due to her impeccable taste. Along with her social media influence, Amra co-founded Flawless by Amra, a successful online apparel company. Engaging substance and genuine personality.

  Amra Nor Jenkins Biography

Young Jeezy’s daughter Amra Nor Jenkins was born on February 27, 2014. She is Young Jeezy’s third child and first with Mahlet Mahi Gebregiorgis. Amra has grown up in private despite her father’s prominence. Her minimal knowledge reveals Young Jeezy’s side.

 Amra Nor Jenkins Quick Facts

Full NameAmra Nor Jerkins
Nick NameAmra
Date Of BirthFebruary 27, 2014
Age10 Years (As Of 2024)
Place Of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States Of America
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States Of America
Zodiac SignPisces
FatherYoung Jeezy (Jay Wayne Jenkins)
MotherMahlet Gebremedhin
SiblingsJadarius Jenkins, Shyheim Jenkins, Monaco (Half-sister)

Amra Nor Jenkins Age

Amra Nor Jenkins, Young Jeezy’s daughter, is 9 in 2023. Amra was Born in February 2014 to Young Jeezy and Mahlet GebreGiorgis, her birthplace is unknown. In 2019, her parents divorced after raising her in her birthplace until age 5. Mahlet received custody of the five-year-old after the separation. Young Jeezy and Mahlet may co-parent their daughter. Amra Nor Jenkins is Ethiopian and Afro-American, according to her parents.

Early Life And Background

Fashion and entrepreneurship icon Amra Nor Jenkins has a remarkable history that has shaped her success. Amra’s childhood in a close-knit family shaped her personal and professional life. Her lifelong principles of hard work and tenacity were instilled in her by her early encouragement to follow her dreams.

Education was vital to Amra’s development. After attending a top university, she improved her skills and learned about business and marketing. This education prepared her for career success.

Amra Nor Jenkins has overcome challenges and won. Today, she inspires others to achieve their aspirations through her platform.

Amra Nor Jenkins Home, Education, School, Religion

Birth PlaceHouston, Texas, US
HometownUpdate Soon
SchoolUpdate Soon
College/ UniversityUpdate Soon
Education QualificationsUpdate Soon
ReligionUpdate Soon
EthnicityUpdate Soon

Amra Nor Jenkins’ Parents

MotherMahlet Gebremedhin
FatherJay Wayne Jenkins

When Amra Nor Jenkins was born, her parents were engaged. In 2018, they split owing to Jeezy’s relationship with Jeannie Mai. Meet this celebrity child’s parents:


SisterShyheim Jenkins

Her father, Jeezy, has three half-siblings from prior relationships, but Amra Nor Jenkins is their only child. Jadarius Jenkins, Jeezy’s elder half-brother from Tenesha Dykes, is 26 and works in fashion. Jadarius’ apparel brand shows his business mentality. Additionally, Amra’s half-sibling Shyheim Jenkins joins the household. Jeezy’s marriage to Jeannie Mai produced Monaco Jenkins, a younger half-sister, on January 11, 2022.

Amra Nor Jenkins’s Father is the Famous Jeezy

Born October 12, 1977, in Columbia, South Carolina, Jay Wayne Jenkins (Jeezy) was born. Jeezy’s youth was marked by his parents’ difficult relationship, which led to their divorce. They moved from Atlanta to Hawkinsville and then to Macon, Georgia. Jeezy’s mother got primary custody after the breakup, and he became a street rat.

Jeezy sold drugs to support himself and his mother after experiencing street life. He attended the nine-month Youth Challenge Academy in Fort Stewart, Georgia, to change his life after being charged with street drug selling at age 17. Jeezy moved to Atlanta after his release to make it in music.

Jeezy formed Corporate Thugz Entertainment in his early 20s to pursue music. In 2001, he released “Thuggin’ Under the Influence,” his first album as Lil J.

Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin is Amra Nor Jenkins’ Mom

Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin, known as Mahi, is a talented musician who rose to fame alongside Jeezy. Her notoriety rose when she announced she was pregnant with the rapper, which resulted in the birth of their nine-year-old daughter, Amra Nor Jenkins.

Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin keeps her birthdate and other personal information private despite her musical career. Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin, an Ethiopian-American, raises her daughter privately despite her celebrity position. Her privacy focus shows her dedication to raising Amra Nor Jenkins well and safely.

Amra Nor Jenkins Parent’s Started Dating in 2010

After welcoming Amra Nor Jenkins in 2014, her parents’ 2010 romance became public. In 2016, the rapper proposed to Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin during a Christmas dinner after two years of parenthood.

Jeezy proposed to Mahi with an engagement ring and a new Range Rover with her name on the seat headrests. Amra Nor’s parents were happy until 2019 when they divorced due to issues.

Mahi reportedly discovered Jeezy’s internet contact with Jeannie Mai, revealing a complicated situation. Jeannie Mai was reportedly Jeezy’s side partner during his engagement to Mahi, complicating circumstances.

Amra Nor Jenkins’s Parents’ Marriage and Divorce

Young Jeezy and Mahlet “Mahi” Gebregiorgis, Amra Nor Jenkins’ parents, dated after the rapper’s divorce. Their December 2016 engagement marked a major commitment. After three years together, personal issues ended their relationship.

Amra was given custody and financial support by Jeezy despite the breakup. The monthly child support and life insurance payments were $7,700, while Amra’s mother received $30,000 for school tuition and a car. A year after their divorce, Mahi accused Jeezy of not paying child support.

Jeezy Personal Life

Marital Statusunmarried
Affairs/BoyfriendUpdate Soon
HusbandUpdate Soon
Marriage Date   Update Soon
SonUpdate Soon
DaughterUpdate Soon
Best FriendUpdate Soon

Jay Wayne Jenkins, known as Jeezy, was born in Columbia, South Carolina, on September 28, 1977. His childhood was plagued by movement and familial separation. After his parents divorced, Jenkins relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, with his family as a youngster. In an interview with XXL, he called his childhood “empty.”

During his childhood, Jenkins lived in Hawkinsville at 600 N Lumpkin. During this period, he faced difficulties and affiliations, including the Crips. Jenkins met Crip gang members, notably Kinky B, in Macon, Georgia, at an older age, who shaped his career along with other prominent figures.

Amra Nor Jenkins Debut Movies, Acting Career, and Achievement

DebutUpdate Soon
Awards/HonoursUpdate Soon
TV ShowsUpdate Soon


In 2001, Jeezy (Lil J) released his debut album “Thuggin”’ Under the Influence (T.U.I.)”. Jeezy has released 10 studio albums since his debut, including the number-one single “Soul Survivor” with Akon and top 40 successes including “I Luv It,” “Go Getta,” and “Put On” with Kanye West.

Beyond his solo success, Jeezy has collaborated on hip-hop and R&B successes like Christina Milian’s “Say I”, Akon’s “I’m So Paid”, Rihanna’s “Hard”, and Usher’s “Love in This Club” (which topped the 2008 US Billboard Hot 100).

Jeezy has been a member of Bad Boy Records’ Boyz n da Hood and is the leader of the Southern hip-hop ensemble United Streets Dopeboyz of America.

Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin Is A Musician

Mahi Gebremedhin, known as Mahi, is a multidimensional person with music and entrepreneurial success. Business-minded Mahi was born in Ethiopia and ran a store in Westend Atlanta.

In Africa, Mahi is known for her singing and entrepreneurship. Kish Doug noticed her warmth and loyalty and highlighted their tight relationship. Mahi’s store reportedly helped her ex-partner Jeezy meet.

The rapper’s 2016 Christmas Day proposal to Mahi was remarkable. At this particular supper, he proposed and gave her a new Range Rover key with her name on the vehicle seat headrests. Their daughter, Amra Nor Jenkins, was two when they got engaged.

The couple split in early 2019 due to issues. Jeezy fought for custody of their kid and settled in March 2020. The rapper agreed to pay $7,500 every month for child support, $30,000 per year for their daughter’s education, and life and health insurance. He gave $30,000 for a new automobile.

Mahi and Jeezy handled their co-parenting arrangement amid court petitions and accusations. Mahi charged Jeezy with lying and defamation in child support and custody cases, but Jeezy claimed jealousy over his engagement to Jeannie Mai. Despite these legal issues, Mahi is said to get along with her daughter, Amra Nor Jenkins.

Her Father Is A Rapper

Father of Amra Nor Jenkins is a famous rapper and USDA leader. He released “Thuggin”’ Under the Influence.” as Lil J in 2001. He became successful with “Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101,” which was RIAA platinum.

After moving to Atlanta, Georgia, the rapper lived with numerous families because of his parents’ breakup. His career included top-five hits including “Soul Survivor,” “Luv IT,” “Go Getta,” and “Put On.” 

Despite his busy profession, the rapper loves his 8-year-old daughter Amra Nor Jenkins. He spends time with her routinely. On May 5, 2015, he posted a gorgeous photo of his daughter and said, “She makes it all worth it! The best gifts come from God.” He sent her genuine birthday wishes, appreciating her positive impact on him as a father and person.

On February 22, 2015, the rapper hosted a spectacular party for Amra Nor’s second birthday. Kasim Reed, Matria Kristen, Ryan Glover, and Zachariah Carter attended the party, emphasizing family and joy.

Amra Has A Musical Family

At eight years old, Amra Nor Jenkins is the princess of a famous rapper’s family. Despite their divorce, her parents co-parent their adored daughter. Her three half-siblings warmly embrace Amra, each adding to their family dynamic.

Amra has two half-brothers, Jadarius and Shyheim Jenkins, from her father’s previous relationship. Elder son Jadarius is 18 years older than his sister. Like his father, Lil Jezzy is a rapper and fashion designer, exhibiting multi-faceted inventiveness. 

Shyheim Jenkins, another half-brother, weaves a family patchwork of shared experiences and relationships. Monaco Mai Jenkins, born January 11, 2022, parents Jeannie Mai Jenkins and Jeezy, is Amra’s half-sister. This talented and diverse family raises Amra with creativity, knowledge, and love.

Philanthropy And Activism

Amra Nor Jenkins is known for her art, philanthropy, and activism. Her charity work has inspired others by showing her commitment to social change.

Jenkins actively supports social causes to help countless people in need. She wants to change the world by spreading awareness and helping.

Amra Nor Jenkins partners with many groups and nonprofits because she believes collective action can change the world. These collaborations have made her influence and resources work for important causes. Jenkins leads positive change activities in education, healthcare, environmental protection, and equal rights.

Her tireless efforts inspire others to work toward a more fair, sustainable, and humane future. Social responsibility and advocacy are forever changed by Amra Nor Jenkins’s philanthropy.


Amra Nor Jenkins (ANJ) is a music industry legend who left a lasting legacy for her contemporaries and future generations.

The revolutionary music of ANJ has redefined artistic identity. Her unique sound, clever production, and sad lyrics have inspired many musicians.

Emerging artists are inspired by ANJ’s creative vision to take risks and create revolutionary music. Many current artists’ experimental and boundary-pushing work reflects ANJ’s impact.

ANJ has promoted self-expression and honesty through her music, empowering artists. Her pioneering career has challenged industrial standards and promoted diversity.

Amra Nor Jenkins’s influence on music will last for years. Art transforms and one artist can change an industry, as her legacy shows.

Who Does Jeezy Share Daughter Amra Nor Jenkins With?

In February 2014, Mahlet Gebregiorgis and “Soul Survivor” Jeezy joyfully welcomed their baby Amara. Three years after their 2016 engagement, they split.

Jeezy and Mahlet celebrate Amara’s first birthday with a royal-themed party as she approaches preteenhood. Based on “Coming to America,” Princess Amara entered on rose petals to the strains of drums and tribal dancers. Exclusive Access captured the star-studded event in stunning photos.

Guests danced, creating a magical environment. Meanwhile, the kids enjoyed arts and crafts, making the celebration a fun and memorable one.

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai’s Daughter Monaco

The co-host of “The Real” had their daughter in January 2022, marking a milestone in her almost-year-long marriage to Jeezy. Jeannie’s pregnancy announcement stunned many because she had repeatedly voiced her unwillingness to have children.

Jeezy and Jeannie look to be loving co-parents to Monaco despite their September breakup. The pair stresses the significance of teaching Monaco about her origins early on to build her identity.

Jeannie discussed their co-parenting process with People in June 2023, emphasizing the importance of family in Monaco’s awareness of her unique history. Vietnamese American Jeannie stressed the importance of teamwork in helping Monaco connect with her family, each sharing their viewpoints.

In September, Jeezy filed for divorce and demanded split custody of Monaco, according to Life & Style court filings. Jeannie told Sherri Shepherd’s radio show on October 12 that she was taking the divorce day by day. She thanked Monaco for her support and said parenthood changed her outlook amid difficult times.

Jeannie thanked Monaco for joining her and noted how her daughter has shaped her coping skills. Motherhood allowed her to reflect on her experiences and guide her daughter, changing her perspective and giving gratitude to life’s uncertainties.

Amra Nor Jenkins’s Father Almost Died In An Accident?

Amra’s father, a famous rapper, has overcome several obstacles, including a near-fatal tragedy in September 2007. Justin faced a life-threatening incident leaving his Atlanta parking lot. A wrong-lane cab hit the front of his million-dollar Bugatti Veyron. He avoided death by narrowly avoiding direct impact.

In 2014, the rapper refused to comply with police and was charged with assaulting his teenage kid. The rapper was jailed and fined $40,000 for threatening to kill and abusing his son. 

Two days later, the scared teen arrived at his mother’s house with scratches and cuts. With his mother’s help, the rapper was arrested after telling police about the incident. This sad occurrence revealed the rapper’s legal issues and familial impact.

Jeezy Was Arrested For Shooting A Man

Gunshots erupted at 11 pm at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Northern California during a Wiz Khalifa event. Locals reported the gunfire, prompting the Mountain View Police Department to respond. Law enforcement arrested Jeezy and others at the site.

The gunfire killed an older guy, adding to the tragedy. Authorities found a concealed handgun in a tourist bus after further inquiry. Jeezy posted a $1 million bond after his arrest for the incident. 

Amra Nor Jenkins’s Father Almost Died In A Car Accident

Nor Jenkins’s father is a rap superstar. In September 2007, he encountered a life-threatening episode. The rapper was in danger of leaving Justin’s Atlanta parking lot when a taxi approached. As the cab recklessly sped in the wrong lane, the rapper was targeted in his million-dollar Bugatti Veyron. The front part of his fancy car was damaged in the crash. It became clear how dangerous the scenario was, as a direct hit could have killed him.

Amra Nor Jenkins Facts

  • Young Jeezy’s daughter, Amra Nor Jenkins, was born on February 27, 2014. At 9, she is Young Jeezy’s third child and the first from his marriage to Mahlet Mahi Gebregiorgis.
  • Even though her father is famous, Amra was raised in private.

 Social Media Account

WebsiteUpdate Soon
Residence AddressUpdate Soon
Email IDUpdate Soon


Born Jay Wayne Jenkins on September 28, 1977, Jeezy is an American rapper, composer, and actor. Since 2004, he has had success with Def Jam Recordings. His major label debut, “Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101,” debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 the next year and went platinum after selling 172,000 copies in its first week. Jeezy has become one of America’s most influential rappers.

Along with Atlanta rappers T.I. and Gucci Mane, Jeezy pioneered trap music in the mainstream. He thrives professionally and is generous with a $10 million net worth. After Hurricane Katrina, Jeezy selflessly gave his home to victims, providing a haven. Jeezy has three children from past relationships to show his passion for giving back.

Amra Nor Jenkins Net Worth

As a minor, Amra Nor Jenkins’ net worth is unknown. As the daughter of a prominent rapper and musician, she probably had a wealthy upbringing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Amra Nor Jenkins

Q: Amra Nor Jenkins—who?

A: Fashion influencer and entrepreneur Amra Nor Jenkins was born in Los Angeles, California, to rapper Young Jeezy (Jay Wayne Jenkins) and Mahlet Gebremedhin on February 27, 2014.

Q: For what is Amra Nor Jenkins famous?

A: She is famous for her fashion business participation, her Instagram account (@amranor), and co-founding Flawless by Amra.

Q: Parents of Amra Nor Jenkins?

A: Rapper Young Jeezy and pianist Mahlet Gebremedhin are her parents.

Q: How many siblings does Amra Nor Jenkins have?

A: Amra has two half-siblings from her father, Jadarius and Shyheim Jenkins, and Monaco Jenkins, born to Jeezy and Jeannie Mai.


Born into a music and entertainment family, Amra Nor Jenkins has had a notable fashion career. She is known for her elegance and entrepreneurship despite her young age. Amra’s unique history, schooling, and family relationships make up her interesting life story, given her privacy. Her parents, Young Jeezy and Mahlet Gebremedhin, molded her childhood. With her generosity, activism, and growing influence, Amra Nor Jenkins continues to make an impact in fashion and beyond.

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